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Over 20 Years of Experience with Bankruptcy

Are you facing debt, foreclosure or IRS problems? Rely on our boutique law firm to help you file for bankruptcy and regain control of your financial situation. Simonetta & Associates PC has been offering bankruptcy services to all of Central New York for over 20 years.


You will be happy to hear that we are affordable and offer exceptional customer service.  Our lawyers understand your situation and offer solutions tailored to your needs.  The first consultation is always free!  Call us at 315-472-3328 today!

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

This is also know as liquidation bankruptcy.  Here you can eliminate unsecured debt like credit cards, medical bills, repossessions, deficiencies and personal loans to name a few.  It will stop and eliminate wage garnishments, harassing phone calls other creditor tactics.


Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

This is also known as debt consolidation or wage earner’s plan.  This is a reorganization bankruptcy primarily designed to stop foreclosures, repossessions and tax collections.  It also eliminates your unsecured debt.


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